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I have written a Palm application in Pocket C to communicate with and configure the controller. It is much easier to use than User Mode for programming the unit. The GUI also lets you configure more than just the basic settings, something User Mode does not let you do.

You will need a cable to go from the Palm cradle or HotSync cable to the controller. If you got a 3-pin Waldom connector from me you can make the same cable as for ProRead for the Palm. It is described here.

It is important that the unit be connected to the Palm before starting the software. On startup the software attempts to detect the baud rate, model, version and program length of the unit being programmed and you may get strange results if the unit is connected later. It's a good idea to restart the program if there is a glitch or a cabling problem the first time you start it.

Download the file AYUCR Camera Controller.prc (right-click on the link and choose Save As...) and install it on your Palm using the install application. It is built using Pocket C but it is now a stand-alone program. The Source Code is available too.

Adjust the settinngs by tapping the up and down arrows next to each value or tap on the value to enter a new one. The buttons allong the bottom have the follow functions:

Prog - Sends the current settings to the Timer. Reports success or failure

Read - Reads and displays the current settings of the timer. Reports failure but is quiet about success.

Load - Loads the saved settings from the Palm Database

Save - Saves the current settings to the Palm Database. These settings become the defaults.

Test - Simulates a shutter press to aid in testing shutter trimming


4/27/2007 V2.4
Added support for autobaud detection (2400 or 9600)

5/25/2006 V2.3
Added support for some the newer flight parameters in newer models

Fixed support for older firmware versions that still only support flight parameters 8 bytes long. Now a simpler to run, stand-alone program

Added support for V1.3 Pencam controller firmware. This firmware increases the size of the flight parameters from 8 to 16 bytes. You cannot edit the extra flight parameters. This version simply reads and writes them properly.

Changed the label on the last parameter. Previously it was know as the Mode or Autorun option. It is now named Servo Mode. You may need an update to the latest Pocket C runtime from Orbworks in order to get this version to work. Download it here

An update is availble for the Camera timer GUI. It adds a test button to test shutter timing and displays the version number of the Camera Controller firmware. This version is still available as Camera_Timer_GUI.PDB



Camera Controller user Fred Taverni was kind enough to contribute a Windows 95/98/NT/2K program to assist in configuring the unit. The software is pretty slick and easier to use that the controller's built-in terminal mode interface. It is fairly self-explanitory.

Windows GUI

The software comes with an install program in a compressed zip file. You can download it here (1.7MB)


Fixed to also work with V1.3 of the Pencam firmware

Fixed to work reliably with the Pencam Controller.


Pocket PC

Fred Taverni has kindly written an interface for PocketPC handhelds. It is available here.