Pencam Controller

Begining with firmware version 2.0 and later you may now update the firmware on the controller yourself. The V2.0 firmware contains a bootloader that accepts updates via the same serial port connection used to program the flight parameters. No hardware changes are required but if you currently have an older version of the firmware you will need a chip swap to begin using the updater. I offer this free of charge. Please contact me if you are interested.

You can download the installer for the AYUCR Firmware Updater V1.2 here.. Check the Source Page if you are interesting in the source code.

The screen shot below shows the AYUCR Firmware Updater interface:

Firmware Updater GUI

The procedure for updating the firmware is as follows:

First the existing firmware is read from the controller to make sure that it is compatible with the new firmware. If not a warning will be given. The updater can only write the non-bootloader portions of the firmware to the controller so the check makes sure that the bootloader code is the same between the old and new versions. If you get an error saying that the old and new versions don't match it is probably best to cancel the update and contact me. After this check the new firmware will then be written. It is possible that an error during update will render the controller inoperable. I have tested the updater at length and this should not happen. If you have any trouble please contact me. You can confirm that the firmware update took by running the flight parameter programming software and use it to check the version number that the new firmware reports.

The update history below contains links to both the firmware (.hex) file and the source code (.zip) When you click on the links you will most likely just get a dump of the hex file. To download the firmware right click on the link and select "Save Target As..." Save the file with an extension of .HEX. The .HEX file can then be loaded into the programmer driver or AYUCR Firmware Updater and flashed onto the chip.

V2.02 (10/15/2004) pencam202.zip

V2.01 (10/1/2004) pencam201.zip

V2.0d (7/6/2004) pencam20d.zip

V2.0c (5/27/2004) pencam20c.zip

V2.0b (5/24/2004) pencam20b.zip

V1.31 (1/4/2004)

V1.3 (10/22/2003)

V1.2 (7/15/2003)

V1.10 (5/14/2003)

V1.06 (4/14/2002)

Alternative Upgrades

If you have a controller based on the PIC16F819 microcontroller you can also upgrade your firmware by reflashing your chip externally. This requires a PIC programmer. Peter H. Anderson sells the Olimex-PG2B serial port PIC programmer at his webstore for less than $15. This simple programmer works with a free software driver and allows you to reflash your existing microcontroller. NOTE: All firmware files are for the PIC16F818/819 only. Please order an upgrade chip if you have the older chip. You can reflash the upgrade chip later on your own or use the AYUCR Firmware Updater

If you don't want to swap chips and would like to keep your existing chip additional chips are also available from me for $5 each. See Ordering Page for more information