Pencam Controller

When I arm the controller the Pencam wakes up and then goes immediately asleep?

You need the firmware upgrade to V1.20. It is available on the ordering page.

How do I tell the camera controller to use High Resolution or Low Resolution mode?

Well actually you don't. The Pencam remembers what ever resolution it was set to last even when turned off. Choose the resolution on the pencam and it will be used for the flight.

When I arm the timer it doesn't seem to configure the Pencam properly for launch?

The Pencam must be powered down prior to arming it. The controller expects a certain number of button presses to switch the Pencam into the proper mode. The only way to guarantee this is if the Pencam is powered off. If you are bench testing the setup let the Pencam power down between armings.

When I bench test the setup the Pencam won't take pictures it just sits there and "boops"

This is the Pencam's low light warning. This often happens indoors. Turn up the lights or point the Pencam at a brightly lit subject and it should work.

Which Pencams work with the controller?

The controller has been tested with the Pencam Trio, Pencam VGA and Pencam II. They are all similar. It is also likely it works with other models. If you know for sure one way or the other I will either update the FAQ or update the firmware to support the new model.

Will the Pencam go to sleep on the pad?

No. The controller circumvents the sleep function to keep the Pencam awake while armed. It won't go to sleep but keep in mind that there is no non-volatile storage in the Pencam. If the batteries wear down it will lose any pictures taken. Check the batteries before each flight. If the Pencam display is flashing the batteries are weak.

Does the Controller support any other cameras?

There are many work-alikes such as the "Clever Cam" which are virtually identical to the Pencam and should work. I can't guarantee it but if you have are having trouble let me know. In addition I hope to support other cameras in the future such as the Intel Digital Movie Creator.

Is there software for programming the Pencam Controller?

The Pencam Controller and the Camera Controller have the same software interface. You can use the same software. The Servo Mode parameter is the same as the Mode parameter that controls single shot and continuous mode.

I placed a new battery in the controller and tried to power it up. It won't power up but the battery gets warm. What's going on?

The battery is probably shorting out through it's own case. This can happen if the battery is scratched. Assuming the battery hasn't been drained from being shorted you can correct this by wrapping the battery with tape.