Technical Articles

Miscellaneous Articles
Power ConsumptionNewer revisions of the Camera Controller use less power. How to update existing timers to save power.2001-07-18
PC Interface CableAssembling the PC Interface Cable for connecting the Camera Controller to a PC serial port2001-09-02
Palm Interface CableAssembling the Palm Interface Cable for connecting the Camera Controller to a Palm Handheld2001-09-01
Modifying an Olympus Stylus EpicModifying an Olympus Stylus Epic to add external shutter leads for interfacing with the AYUCR Camera Controller2002-02-16
Interfacing with a ServoInterfacing the Camera controller to a servo to provide mechanical shutter tripping2002-02-17
Modifying a PencamModifying a Pencam to add external mode and shutter control leads for interfacing with the AYUCR Pencam Controller2002-04-22
Acceleration SwitchSpecs and pictures of the acceleration switch used in electronics to detect liftoffs2007-04-30

Software Development and Programming
AYUCR BootloaderComplete AYUCR bootloader reference including functional description, communications protocol and interface software2007-04-15
AYUCR BLoad PlatformComplete AYUCR BLoad development platform reference2007-04-30
Programming a PIC 18F819How to reflash a PIC 16F819 processor using a JDM-type programmer and IC-Prog Windows software2007-04-23
BLoad Interface AdapterPlans and Instructions for building a BLoad Interface Adapter2007-05-05

AYUCR Camera Controller
Non-Pyro DeploymentUsing the AYUCR Camera Controller for servo-based non-pyro deployment2007-06-13
Servo-based Camera PayloadUsing the AYUCR Camera Controller to control a unmodified digital camera via a standard RC servo2007-06-28