AYUCR Booster

AYUCR's booster section is much like the booster section on any high-power rocket. There are a couple of interesting things I think are worth mentioning though. The original design for the booster called for baffled motor ejection to eliminate the need for wadding, a replacable forward section in case of damage on landing and a 29mm motor mount. The first two decisions were good ones, the last one was not. I severely underestimated the finished weight of the whole thing and ended up with a booster that could barely lift the rocket off the ground. Back to the drawing board.

Booster sections, shock cord, parachute and NomexMotor mound tube showing baffle holesMotor mount with motor retainer clips

Baffled motor ejection was basically used because I hate wadding. The cellulose insulation that many people use doesn't seem to work well unless you use a lot of it. I have had success with baffling in the past and since I was designing this rocket from the ground up I decided to use it. The motor mount tube would be pluged at the top. The motor ejection gases would escape from holes in the side of the motor mount tube into a compartment between the motor tube and the airframe. The gas would then escape through holes in the forward centering ring. I painted all surfaces along the path with Rustoleum High Heat Enamel to try to protect the surfaces over time. I cannot say if this has worked or not because I cannot get at the inside of the booster to inspect. It seemed like it couldn't hurt.

More to come...

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