AYUCR Flight #9
LIARS 5/23/98

This was the first flight using the second mirror assembly.  I build this one to be larger in order to get more usable frame and to be at more of an angle so that I get less body tube in the image.  I am fairly pleased with the results.  Completely eliminating the edge-of-mirror line would require a very large mirror and I would begin to worry about it having serious areodynamic effects.  This new one seems to be a reasonable compramise.  The following is a comparison of the pictures from the first and second mirrors.
Mirror 1 Mirror 2
This flight also used a new flim type, Kodak Gold Max.  This is a high-speed film with an "improved grain structure."  It seems to work well.  Without a much higher resolution scan that I usually provide here it might be hard to tell but the results seem to be every bit as good as standard 400 speed film if not a little better.  One thing is for certain.  A sunny day does wonders for the pictures quality.
Motor H123-S
Altitude 925'
Film Type Kodak Gold Max
Pictures Taken 26
Photos 15-26 are identical.  I tried to get over there and get myself in a photo but I didn't make it.
4 - The booster is clearly visible after separation.
5 - Nice shot of the parking area