AYUCR Flight #7
RATS VI 10/26/97

Jeff Taylor (with his awsome PML Thunder and Lightning) and myself (notice the mirror assembly on AYUCR

This was the second flight with the first mirror design. Since the mirror is used for the whole flight I adjusted the plumb line to hold the payload section with the mirror facing down for more interesting pictures during descent. I also attempted to angle the mirror more to show less of the payload section in the image. This made the problem of the mirror being too small worse. Again, there is a line that divides what the camera sees via the mirror and what it sees straight out. I will be making a new, larger mirror assembly that gives a move complete image and is angled more to show less of the body tube.

Pictures Taken25

8 - The treacherous terrain beyond the field is visible
19 - Shows the RATS parking area
23 - There are three blips visible in the field running to recover AYUCR. Myself, Jeff Taylor and my father.