AYUCR Flight #2
METRA 8/10/97


AYUCR's second flight was at the August 97 METRA launch in northern NJ. I built a new, 38mm booster dubbed AYUCR-38 and solved the chute tangling problem by lengthening the booster to give more room to pack the twin chutes neatly. This flight was much better than the first. The booster separated from the payload neatly at apogee and both chutes deployed as designed. Upon recovery I noticed that the screweye that the plumb line attaches to was bent 90 degrees. Apparently the stresses of deployment were higher than I thought. For the next flight I would replace the screweye with a larger (3/16") one and add a 2 foot length of bungee between the chute and the plumb line to absorb some of the stress.

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