AYUCR Flight #14
LDRS 17 8/6/98

LDRS and the Bonneville Salt Flats seemed like a perfect place for an AYUCR flight. Unfortunately the odds caught up with me and AYUCR suffered a blowby. It ripped the rocket apart under boost. There isn't much left. When I got the camera back I noticed that there were two pictures taken and had hoped that there might be some interesting footage. Unfortunately the first shot was over exposed and could not even be printed. The second shot wasn't very interesting but looks like it may have been taken after things went wrong. The mirror doesn't look to be attached but there is a strange blob in the corner that I can't explain. If anyone has a suggestion I would like to hear it

Motor I284-M
Altitude Perhaps 150'
Film Type Kodak Gold Max 24 Exposure
Pictures Taken 2