AYUCR Flight #1
LIARS 7/12/97


AYUCR's maiden voyage was at the LIARS July ''97 launch at Calverton, NY. They have a nice large field there by east coast standards. It turned out I wouldn't need it. I was very nervous for this launch as I had never attempted anything this big. I chose an H128 as the motor knowing it would be underpowered. I knew it would be a safe flight, just a low one. Well, I was right. It only reached a maximium altitude of 451'. The twin chutes tangled and the whole thing came down hard under the booster's single chute. Ouch! Luckily nothing was damaged and it did take pictures. I realized a 29mm booster was not going to cut it. The original 29mm AYUCR booster would need to be retired and a new, 28mm booster built.

Pictures Taken6