AYUCR II Flight #4
NERFF 3 6/22/2007

This was the second flight of the day and it worked much better. Even though the booster landed in a tree and the payload tried to hide in some weeds all was recovered and the picture are spectacular. The Canon SD300 takes nicer pictures than any I ever got from the old Olypmus Stylus film camera. I am very happy with the results.

./IMG_3155.jpg ./IMG_3156.jpg ./IMG_3157.jpg ./IMG_3158.jpg ./IMG_3159.jpg ./IMG_3160.jpg
./IMG_3161.jpg ./IMG_3162.jpg ./IMG_3163.jpg ./IMG_3164.jpg ./IMG_3165.jpg ./IMG_3166.jpg
./IMG_3167.jpg ./IMG_3168.jpg ./IMG_3169.jpg ./IMG_3170.jpg ./IMG_3171.jpg ./IMG_3172.jpg
./IMG_3173.jpg ./IMG_3174.jpg ./IMG_3175.jpg ./IMG_3176.jpg ./IMG_3177.jpg ./IMG_3178.jpg
./IMG_3179.jpg ./IMG_3180.jpg ./IMG_3181.jpg ./IMG_3182.jpg ./IMG_3183.jpg ./IMG_3184.jpg
./IMG_3185.jpg ./IMG_3186.jpg ./IMG_3187.jpg ./IMG_3188.jpg ./IMG_3189.jpg ./IMG_3190.jpg
./IMG_3191.jpg ./IMG_3192.jpg ./IMG_3193.jpg ./IMG_3194.jpg ./IMG_3195.jpg ./IMG_3196.jpg